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Oh wow...where do I begin? I guess I can start off by saying that I read this comic because I was curious about the planet where the Elgyems and Beheeyems come from. This comic delivers with its vivid descriptions of life on Planet Psybemu through the eyes of 3142, aka the words, that is.

Storyline: If someone were to read this comic for the story only, they won't be disappointed, even if it's mostly an explanation of events that have gone before. Not much action here except for the scenes when 2111 and his teammates were attacking 2111, but in the context of Reggie's memories, it also makes the most sense since it was pretty much the defining moment when he was exiled. In terms of character motivations, 2111 would be more sympathetic if there was a scene from his perspective featuring his parents neglecting him and Reggie's relentless bullying, but this is from Reggie's point of view, so I can see why 2111 had to be seen as a villain. Also, it would seem that the Superiors were too rash in their decision to exile Reggie, and the reason isn't fully understood unless one also reads their official bios. At least that by they end of the story, Reggie no longer feels that homesick and learns to be grateful to the people and Pokemon who met him and saved his life. Character development is always good.

Backgrounds/Environments: Um...well...let me put it this way. The relative lack of backgrounds (or at least the very simplified backgrounds) allow the reader to focus primarily on the characters and word balloons. That's good for the dialogue-heavy scenes and long ones, too. However...this is my personal opinion, but I felt that Planet Psybemu was given a disservice with its visually underwhelming appearance, especially since I think the whole purpose of the flashbacks was to describe it and Reggie's life while he was first on it. There's VERY little detail to the natives' architecture, technology, buildings, training academies, cafeterias...etc., which may provide a lot of leeway for imagination on the reader's part, but for me was a bit disappointing. A lot of comics in the sci-fi genre tend to be generous with these kind of details, but maybe this just happens to be in a different genre entirely. Nevertheless, I would suggest adding more establishing shots featuring more detail-packed backgrounds--no, don't think of them as backgrounds. Think of them as ENVIRONMENTS. If the Elgyems and Beheeyems are so concerned about the environment, it would be better for us to see how beautiful it is so we can sympathise with them. (Of course, after the establishing shots, feel free to eliminate a lot of detail, as too much detail can distract the readers' eyes, too.)

Character Design: The characters are rendered in a simple, very blobby style of line art with some cel-shading. I think this works okay for this type of story, but sometimes, it's hard to tell where the style stops and proportional errors begin. It was a good idea to exaggerate the Beheeyems' faces so we could tell how they were feeling, but I wasn't so sure about how the Elgyems' heads were shrunk, and sometimes even shaped oddly. And the humans...well, with all the characters, especially in the last ten or so pages, their heights seemed to be quite variable, so we're never really sure how tall Reggie is compared to Manny, and stuff like that. But at least the facial expressions are all very well done! The line art style seems to suit faces way better than bodies. Perhaps if that style is kept for the faces and the bodies were more carefully restrained and drawn in proportion, it would look know, like a proper manga.

Miscellaneous Stuff: Even if the Superiors were inspired by The Tallest from Invader Zim, they still made sense...although they're also shrouded in mystery. Reggie constantly talks about going on missions for them, but we're never really sure WHAT those missions involve other than "gathering information about other planets." Do they observe the life forms there? Do they ever go exploring to seek out other planets? What do the Superiors do with that information, anyway? And is the Galactic Armada primarily for self-defense or conquest or both?

Despite the fact that this comic raises way more questions than answers about Planet Psybemu and appears to shine much more brightly in the text than in the art (especially environments), it's still a good story that explains how Reggie came to the Unova region and how he got to be where he is today. The story is just needs the art to match. And with years of practice and dedication, any artist can become better at it. I'm looking forward to seeing how much you can improve in the future!
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