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I Have Huge Gallery by Fishlover Jigglypuff Stamp by Fluffntuff

As if those weren't obvious enough. ^^;
I really like these stamps, though.

No Kiribans by SweetDuke Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke DA stamp - Roleplays 001 by tppgraphics

Want more things to read? Then check out this RP featuring Lolly and Ichiro's first birthday! Published by Moss-Stone: 

10 deviants said And no, why would I RP with anyone else when I'm starting on a new series? :XD:

Reference Journal of Awesome

Sun May 3, 2015, 6:20 PM

Figured I could make one of these so people who are visiting my front page can find these links more easily. Also, wanted to create a place where I could place all five of the Review Weeks of Awesome at once.

My Twitter account:

For more immediate updates with what's going on in my life, since I rarely write journals and like to save them for bigger announcements. Of course, you can also just look at my Twitter feed at the top of my dA page too. XD

My Tumblr: amysadventuresofawesome.tumblr…

For anything Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons related, especially since there's quite the community I'm interested in participating in over there! I also reblog random interesting things I come across.

My Patreon Page:

For those of you who are feeling generous and want to know how to support me in my mission to create this massive series.

Review Weeks of Awesome:

For summaries of and links to all the major prose/comic fan works I've created since 2011.

Review Week of Awesome! - Part 1All right~! Before I get started on the launch of one of my most anticipated original works to date (as anticipated by me, maybe not necessarily so by anyone else except anyone I've told this to, haha), I figure I could look back on all my stories and fan works to date, ever since the very first one that got posted here on dA, and by extension, Here we go!
Part 1: Literature from 2009-2011
During this period of time, I was originally planning on starting on an original manga series; however, after reading a certain series of novels with a powerful ending that reminded me of when I last played PMD: Explorers of Time, I was inspired to go back and rewrite my own version of the dialogue while putting in a Jigglypuff and a Chikorita as placeholders for the main characters. And then, well, one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, I had really gotten into writing these fan works and using them as an opportunity to improve my storytelli
  Review Week of Awesome! - Part 2Continuing on from my last series, I'm going to move onto a new point when I started doing far less literature and far more comics! Get ready for...
Part 2: PMD-E Comics for Arc 1
The comics I made here in the first story line of PMD-Explorers...really weren't the best. Heck, I'd even go so far as to say that they were a giant step back in terms of my storytelling capabilities, and my art quality really took a whipping when I wanted to try to make the transition to 100% digital art. Plus, the incredibly short deadlines made it so that I literally had no time to make some of these look as good as they could have been. Honestly, I have to say that the reason why all of these suck so badly was simply because I am terrible when it comes to writing for strict prompts. It's enough to make you wonder why I even bothered joining this group in the first place! And then we consider the fact that this group had around 1,500 members when I first joined and only th
  Review Week of Awesome! - Part 3(Had to submit this as a journal because dA wouldn't let me publish this as a deviation prose piece for this one entry. It's being weird like that...)
The last part was kind of a downer, huh? Don't worry; it starts to get better in...
Part 3: PMD-E Comics and Stories for Arc 2
Oddly enough, despite how much I hated the direction the group went in by Missions 7 and 8 and how glad I was that it quit while it was ahead, Arc 2 (especially for Mission 6) was the time when I regained the storytelling skills that I lost in Arc 1 and I could show everyone stories that were on the level of the fanfiction I was writing just a couple years back. And I even got better in terms of character development and stuff! Not to mention that deadlines for these missions became so long that I was capable of doing up to three comics at once, and even made many of them look at least a little bit good, if not a lot. In terms of both developing my art skills so that I could do dig
  Review Week of Awesome! - Part 4While I might have been working on many comics for PMD-Explorers, I still had enough free time to work on other side stories where my storytelling skills could really shine without being bogged down by prompts and stuff! Introducing...
Part 4: Side Stories!
Thanks for the Memories
Originally released: January 13, 2012 - January 28, 2012
Summary: Ligray has been aliens! In order for Rigley, Amy, and Chikorita to rush to her rescue, they have to find some way to get into outer space. But when they do, they find that it's way beyond an ordinary rescue mission as their lives are jeopardized, and deep, dark truths behind Ligray and Rigley's memories, their home planet, and their real purposes are revealed...
Pros: The very first story I was able to do without a prompt in the PMD-E universe, woohoo! Though there is a bit of truth to this sin
  Review Week of Awesome! - Part 5And finally, we get into the stories and things that can't be classified under any other category! Enter...
Part 5: Miscellaneous/Recent Stories
For some reason, overall, these tend to be the best of the best, and a lot of these don't even count as stories in the traditional sense! Of course, another big reason so many of these are great either in storytelling, art, or both is because they're all my most recent pieces of work, after I've gotten used to drawing entirely digitally. Except for this first one here, in terms of art... 
Sixfold League Round One: Neena vs. Nina
Originally released: August 15, 2012 - August 23, 2012
Summary: It's Neena Apirana Lightbloom's first battle in the Sixfold-League tournament versus the faction leader, a girl 1/3rd her age with a very similar sou

Skin by *firstfear

Journal History


Amy Wu Donovan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m an extremely active artist here on dA. (That is, when I'm in the middle of a project.) I’m a comic artist who has been practicing since the age of 14, and I didn’t achieve my current speed until I was about 19, though I have been drawing all my life. Although Pokémon is but one of my favorite things, the sheer diversity of creatures in it, as well as the number of Pokémon groups here on dA that have been created with a focus on creative storytelling, have made it so that the vast majority of my submissions have been Pokémon comics, pictures, and stories. Other franchises I like primarily include those of the science fiction genre, especially the Metroid series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Lilo and Stitch, Wall-E, Invader Zim, Ben 10, and other such things, though lately, I've also taken a liking to pretty much ANY good story, regardless of genre. In fact, I actually have a crazy number of interests that aren't even begun to be listed, especially since I've started watching a lot of anime in recent years, so check out the "Interests" tab at the bottom of this spiel to see more.

I also used to play video games a lot, but ever since I got into comic-making and storytelling, not so much anymore. Whenever my hands get tired, I either go running for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, or watch movies. I’m very much an introvert; whenever I’m by myself, I can concentrate for hours at a time and get stuff done.

Speaking of getting stuff done, I tend to submit a LOT of deviations in a very short time period compared to a lot of other people on this site, because I’m fast at art and tend to get a ton of story ideas at once. Only during those idea floods, though; all other times, there's no flood of art. I also highly recommend reading ALL of the artist’s comments that I write on every deviation—though I tend to write a lot, they’re all full of useful factual information that reveals what usually goes on in my head when I’m writing and drawing these comics, pictures, and stories.

My current career goals right now include getting a job (any job that pays the bills that my skills are well-suited for, really) while continuing to do comics on the side as a hobby. Maybe later, I might consider college again in order to obtain some sort of degree (and hopefully job) in game design. But if I can somehow make money doing comics, especially, that would be even better! And now, with Patron being a thing now, it might actually be possible!

My storytelling style includes several prominent themes:

:bulletpink: Being suitable for all ages. For the most part. Originally starting out as a backlash against all the stuff that I realized that I didn’t like when I turned 13, the fact that making stories suitable for all ages will allow anyone to easily access it proved to be a powerful motivating factor, as well as allowing my work to stand out. And it's just a force of habit now, more or less. :lol: True, “all-ages” is a subjective term, but in general, you won’t see any blood, gore, or even any cuss words in my stories. Or if there are “cuss words”, they’re always either bleeped out like “@!#?$%” or with such euphemisms as “ZZZT”. (Note that in my semi-recent romance works, there may be slight hints of adult themes now and again, but I strive to keep those as subtle as possible for the audience's sake.)

:bulletpink: Colorful characters. Now of course, ALL series have characters, but I like to make characters who have very diverse personalities, and if possible, have distinct speech patterns. This is an area which has drastically improved over my career as a storyteller; before, many of my characters pretty much acted like myself. Not so true today.

:bulletpink: Humor. My brain has a tendency to exaggerate story situations and character reactions to make situations hilarious, as well as looking into the personalities of the characters and figuring out what kinds of interactions are entertaining. Short stories and stories that don’t have any emotional or powerful themes in them tend to have such humor in sheer abundance to compensate.

:bulletpink: Emotional and powerful storylines. I might like comedy, but that’s not all my brain can dish out. My stories can be very, very dramatic, too. But I never, ever make my characters suffer true physical and emotional pain for no reason at all. Behind the pain, there is always a lesson behind it, and my stories, above all, serve to show everyone that, no matter how painful things get, it is possible to face the adversity, overcome it, and come out of it as a better person, stronger than you were before. I don’t know how many people facing difficulties in their lives who read my comics gain the courage to face them better, but if I can help even ONE person, then I’ll be happy.

:bulletpink: Diversity. While this might not have seemed as true in the past, nowadays, I don't like to limit myself to just being pigeonholed as being proficient in only the genre of "sci-fi manga aimed towards kids ages 8-12", at least in terms of what I am capable of. I like to experiment with as many story genres, inking styles, coloring styles, and if possible, pencilling styles to see what the effect of going with a new style has on conveying a story. However, I don't just strive for diversity in terms of stories and art; I also try to do my best to include diverse characters and/or species as possible, depending on the genre.

I now feel confident from all my experience in Pokemon RP groups to once again start creating original series! :D And I look forward to improving my skills and seeing just how far I can go~

And though my financial situation is currently adequate, I can also take commissions from time to time for extra cash, just in case. An important point to know is that I only take payment in actual dollars; no points allowed, since you can't exchange them for cash. Be sure to note me with exactly what you want, and wait for me to approve it before you send me the payment via Paypal.

More commission info here:

Stuff I despise: Any and all trollfaces, flagrant amounts of cursing, jerks, inappropriate material, inappropriate jokes, etc. I'll add more to this growing list of things to avoid whenever talking to me.

Oh, and one more thing... 日本語を分かりますよ。日本語もタイプすれば、自由に話しましょう!(I can understand Japanese, so if you can type it too, feel free to do so with me!)



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ManyMiniGamer Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats on finishing the first book of Intergalactic Fusion!

I work so slowly.........^^;
Galactic-Rainbow Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, it's just the first chapter, and the only individual chapter that'll also be into it's own book format...just to see what the colors look like when printed. But thanks, I guess!
ManyMiniGamer Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Also Amy, what do you use to make your comic book pages so smooth? I'd like to know.....I'm printing my own book and I don't know what I'm suppose to print it with....! ^^
Galactic-Rainbow Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, Ka-Blam sort of uses its own paper, which is really white, so I had to go with that...go to their website and find out.
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ManyMiniGamer Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Cool! You work so fast! ^^
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