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2017 Kinda Sorta Hiatus

Sun Jan 1, 2017, 8:32 PM

Well, I can tell you guys right now that there's a very low probability I'll even be able to complete the Summary of Art for 2017. Why? Well, because...


Now granted, it's only an 11-month contract, so there's the possibility that it'll end after that, but for the next 11 months at least, I'd be officially on Kinda Sorta Hiatus. What this means is: I am not abandoning Intergalactic Fusion, oh no. In fact, you might even see pages from me later on in the year if I manage to get all the pre-production work done for it! (Although I can't guarantee any sort of consistent schedule until further notice.) But it also means that:

:bulletpink: I'm temporarily closing all commissions during this time.
:bulletpink: Aside from a couple works that I drew earlier last year but forgot to post, as well as some theoretical portfolio pieces for that personal website I still plan to make, I probably won't post anything else here.
:bulletpink: The amount of time I'll spend on this site will be significantly reduced in general.

The ironic thing here is that many of my longtime watchers will know that I used to post art here like crazy, and I'd always write these incredibly long Artist Comments, too. And that I'd get disappointed when there are certain people who don't seem to spend much time here, particularly if they were the admin of a group I was in and therefore had lots of responsibilities that needed to go through them. But now I totally get why: If it's not school that eats up everyone's time, it's a 40-hour workweek. Man, that's going to be quite the adjustment. So why am I bothering to mention this at all? Well...just in case there are some people reading this who are in the same situation that I used to be, hopefully they'll understand this reasoning when I explain it this way.

And to be honest, I've been losing interest in this account for a while now since I feel like lot of my friends from past groups have moved on and it's hard to make new friends here in general, but that's probably just me. Or maybe it's because I've been making friends elsewhere, wooooo~.

Also, in the end, I chose not to write Rescue Number 301: Origins, and probably won't for a good long while, if ever. Not only was I crazy busy in November, but I ended up writing something completely different. Plus, I ended up having to play through both Pokemon Moon and Sun because NOBODY TOLD ME VERSION EXCLUSIVE CLOTHING WAS A THING, as well as an emulator of PMD Explorers of Sky that a friend generously adjusted for me so that I could play as a Jigglypuff and a Chikorita. That was a ton of fun~.

So yeah, that's it! 2017 is already shaping up to be an interesting year. Thank you all for your support all these years, as well as your patience! It's been a blast~.

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Amy Wu Donovan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I’m Amy. I’m an enthusiastic comic artist who has been practicing since the age of 14, though I have been drawing all my life. Although Pokémon is only one of my favorite things, the sheer diversity of creatures in it, as well as the number of Pokémon groups here on dA that have been created with a focus on creative storytelling, have made it so that the vast majority of my submissions have been Pokémon comics, pictures, and stories. Other franchises I like primarily include those of the science fiction genre, especially the Metroid series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Lilo and Stitch, Wall-E, Invader Zim, Ben 10, and other such things, though lately, I've also taken a liking to pretty much ANY good story, regardless of genre. In fact, I actually have a crazy number of interests that aren't even begun to be listed, especially since I've started watching a lot of anime in recent years, so check out the "Interests" tab at the bottom of this spiel to see more.

Since I'm both a writer and an artist, I tend to write quite a bit of artist’s comments on every piece of art I submit. Except for most of my comic pages nowadays since I know people will be too engaged by the story to stop and read everything on every page. But for those occasional large, standalone images? I make no promises, hahaha.

Right now, I'm working at a sweet job preparing books for binding at a library, while continuing to draw my comics on the side. Maybe one day, it'll become popular enough so that I can live off of the money I make off of Patreon, but until then, I'm happy just having it be my favorite hobby.

Commissions are currently closed! Totally swamped with work. At least I'm making enough money at the moment!

Stuff I despise: Any and all trollfaces, flagrant amounts of cursing, jerks, inappropriate material, inappropriate jokes, etc. I'll add more to this growing list of things to avoid whenever talking to me.

Oh, and one more thing... 日本語を分かりますよ。日本語もタイプすれば、自由に話しましょう!(I can understand Japanese, so if you can type it too, feel free to do so with me!)



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Happy new year, and I've finished revising my Meteos: The Movie script.
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Happy New Year. That in 2017 you have a prosperous year, full of health and happiness with the people you love. A hug for you.
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Merry Christmas! Have a full day of happiness with the people you care about.
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